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my fear is over !

Tuesday, October 11, 2011 | 12:48 PM

the speaking is the most fearless among the student . especially in public . but now what i mean is a MUET SPEAKING . yeahhh ! is over !! i have done my muet speaking ! even my speaking is badly broken , but i tried my best to speak . did i perform well ? emm . im not sure with that . my target is just to get around band 3 .

there are about one more month to go to be done by this muet . reading , writing , and listening . i hope i will do well to cover back my speaking marks .

my coming exam PSPM (peperiksaan semester program matrikulasi) just around the corner . the coming next week is a study week . you guys please pray for me . i will no longer be updating or viewing my blog until my exam is over . i wanna wish good luck to friends :)

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